The senior leadership of Seaside Healthcare LLC has extensive experience in the ownership, operation and development of healthcare facilities. Founded in 2009, Seaside has embarked on an aggressive growth strategy with a specialization in all areas of behavioral health.

Franklin Roemer II


Franklin Roemer II is a co-founder of Seaside Healthcare and has served as its managing member since the company’s inception.

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Daniel B. Aguillard


Daniel B. Aguillard oversees the development of Seaside Healthcare and has more than 30 years’ experience in a range of behavioral health services.

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Johnny Patout

Chief Operating Officer

Johnny Patout is the chief operating officer of Seaside Healthcare, responsible for the psychiatric and substance abuse programs.

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Johnny D. Lancaster

Chief Financial Officer

Johnny D. Lancaster is the chief financial officer of Seaside Healthcare, with 31 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

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Chris A. Boling

Vice President of Development

Chris A. Boling is the vice-president of business development for Seaside Healthcare with 15 years experience in behavioral health.

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Shannon L. Boling

Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs

Shannon L. Boling is the vice president of government and regulatory affairs for Seaside Healthcare.

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James Madden

Chief Compliance Officer / Corporate Human Resources

James Madden is the chief compliance officer and corporate human resources for Seaside Healthcare.

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Adrian Fisher

President of HCBS-Cognitive Development Centers

Adrian Fisher operates Cognitive Development Centers of Seaside Healthcare locations.

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