SHREVEPORT, LA: Louisiana based Seaside Healthcare, a behavioral healthcare service corporation, has announced the acquisition of the Greenville, North Carolina behavioral health company, Pride In North Carolina, Inc. Franklin Roemer, CEO and co-founder of Seaside Healthcare and Gary W. Bass, MSW, LCSW, CEO of Pride NC jointly announced the acquisition which was completed November 7, 2016. “Having served the people of Louisiana with excellence in Behavioral Health services for nearly a decade and recognizing the close similarity in the “patient first” philosophy and treatment approach of PrideNC, this decision to enter into the North Carolina region was a most positive and easy one to make,” comments Roemer. PrideNC a private organization established in 1988, is a provider of mental health services to persons with special needs and of all ages and uses a community based network of care providers to deliver their services statewide.

“Being part of Seaside Healthcare is a move that is a good one for our organization and even more so, for the good people of the state of North Carolina,” comments PrideNC CEO Bass. He continued, “As a member of the Seaside Healthcare family, we will continue in our mission to deliver effective, affordable, and patient sensitive mental health services in communities across our great state.

Entering into services in North Carolina, Seaside Healthcare shares with PrideNC it’s focus on providing evidence based treatment services that are compliant with all state and national regulations for mental healthcare delivery. Seaside’s goal is to provide community based treatment in the least restrictive environment for patients and their families. As a large deliverer of mental health services in Louisiana, Seaside has the resources to ensure the ongoing success of PrideNC which has served the people of North Carolina for the past 28 years.

The North Carolina services of Pride and it’s network of providers will continue to provide mental health services statewide without interruption and will continue to operate under the name Pride North Carolina, a member of Seaside Healthcare.

Seaside Healthcare is a dynamic and growing organization that is currently expanding its mental healthcare delivery system across the south through acquisitions and new site development. More information on Seaside Healthcare can be found through their website at and on Pride In North Carolina at