About Us



To improve the lives of our patients and their communities through outcome-based, cost-effective mental health services delivered with dignity and respect.

Seaside Healthcare LLC was established in 2009 as an owner, developer and operator of behavioral healthcare facilities in Louisiana. Our network of programs offers a full complement of behavioral health services including psychiatric treatment services, substance use rehabilitation and treatment of dual diagnosis.

Seaside’s mission is to improve the lives of our patients and the surrounding community by providing effective, cost-considerate behavioral health services delivered with unmatched dignity and respect.

With our Continuum of Care approach to treatment, Seaside’s behavioral health professionals are able to deliver client centered care. It allows us to see clients more consistently and adjust the level of care throughout their time in our system, to best fit their needs. This approach leads to a better quality of life for the client while minimizing costs to the payer.


Seaside’s Continuum of Care?

Seaside’s Continuum of Care is unique because it affords clients an individualized treatment plan that can be adjusted throughout their treatment. This allows us to place a client at any point within this continuum based on the level of care they require. Whether a client needs acute hospitalization or a less restrictive service such as partial hospitalization or a home- and community-based service, we provide a full spectrum of options for treatment.


Evidence-Based Practices
Our healthcare professionals implement the most effective, highly trusted evidence-based and evidence-informed practices to help clients reach their goals. Applying these evidence-based practices and tools to our Continuum of Care treatment model maximizes results for the client while minimizing payer costs.

To learn more about Seaside’s Continuum of Care treatment model, or to set up a consultation,
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